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The weight of diamonds is expressed in carats (ct), where 1 carat = 0.2 grams. 


The larger the stone the more its value as it is more rare and the worth is not proportionate to the size increase. 

This is however not the only indicator of the diamond's value as clarity, color and cut are characteristics also influencing the diamond's worth. 



Clarity represents the purity factor of the diamond and is determined by the presence or absence of internal characteristics or inclusions such as pinpoints, clouds and feathers. 

The Clarity grading is evaluated as follows: 

  • F or IF: Flawless or internally flawless

  • VVS1, VVS2: Very, very small inclusions invisible to the naked eye and very hard to spot with the loupe

  • VS1, VS2: Very small inclusions, invisible to the naked eye

  • SI1: Small inclusions invisible to the naked eye, not affecting the stone's luster

  • SI2, SI3: Bigger and more numerous inclusions, sometimes visible with the naked eye.

The diamonds of Sabulosity range between IF and VS1. 

Diamond Shapes

The most popular diamond shape is the round brilliant cut with a total of 57 facets (or mirrors reflecting light).


The shape is not a characteristic of the 4 Cs, but this element has an impact of the appearance of the diamond as well as the way it sparkles. 


The cut of the diamond determines the brilliance and fire of the stone. It includes three factors: Proportions, Symmetry and Polish; each ranging from excellent to fair. 

This aspect depends on the master diamond craftsman to cut the diamond in a way allowing the reflection of the light.

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Diamonds are transparent in color, yet they have a hue of yellow color that ranges from exceptional white to a tinted color. 

Diamonds may also have a fluorescence only appearing under UV light and is graded from nil to strong. 

In Sabulosity's standards, diamonds used range between D and H color, with fluorescence from nil to slight. 

Four Cs