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The first step of the jewelry making process starts with a sketch highlighting the harmony between the gemstones and the overall design.  

Today, both Soha & her daughter Nadine, are behind the designs. The pieces are very diverse yet all connected by the same soul of elegance and timelesness; mostly inspired by nature and its wonders. 

Design and Drawing


Highly skilled craftsmen create the Sabulosity works of art. Starting with three-dimensional mockups thoroughly reviewed. 

Once done, they are fashioned in 18K gold where the house of each stone is perfectly sculpted. 

Stones are then setted in techniques ensuring that each stone is perfectly highlighted. 

Polishing and Final Touch up

Once the piece is complete, it gets polished at least twice ensuring that both the invisible parts to the eye and the surfaces are lustrous. 

The piece of jewel is then reviewed meticulously to ensure every detail is perfected as per Sabulosity's standards.

Stone Selection

Stones are individually and thoroughly reviewed by Sabulosity's certified gemologists.  Only the finest of natural gemstones are chosen to be part of the Sabulosity jewels.