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Sabulosity is an international luxury jeweler born from the founder’s, Soha Hamdan, passion for jewels & precious stones.

It is a bold dream turned into a family-owned brand with the aim to create unique and timeless jewelry pieces, while building a community of confidence and trust. 

The Maison Sabulosity

The Founder

Soha Abou Alwan Hamdan is a Lebanese-Canadian jeweler born in a beautiful Lebanese village; Al Barouk.

She got married to her husband Dr. Walid Hamdan, a geologist, and then pursued her masters' degrees in Education and Literature. Meanwhile she was working and raising her two children. 

She pursued a career in teaching to stay close to her kids, but deep down she always believed that some day she was going to do something she truly cares about. 

The Translation

Today, Sabulosity is a family-owned brand who shares the same passion.

Nadine Hamdan, Soha's daughter, followed her mother's footsteps by returning to Lebanon, restarting her studies in gemmology, and building the brand with her parents. As for Rani Hamdan, Soha's son, he is highly involved in the management of the Maison and representing the brand in Qatar. 

The Sabulosity family creates a personalized experience with every individual; it is about sharing this passion and building a connection through their jewels.

The Meaning

The name is the translation of the story itself; "S" for Soha the founder."Sabulosity" is also  defined by the old dictionary as "gritty" or "stony", and grit means courage & resolve, which is what drove this entire project forward.

The Dream

In 2015, both her children had left the country for their careers. Faced with this emptiness, instead of falling apart, she gathered her courage and strength to pursue her long-time passion. 

She took gemology courses at the "Institut de Gemmologie" in Paris and started her own jewelry line soon to become The Maison Sabulosity.