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Cleaning and Storing

It is advised to store your jewels in seperate boxes or using a silk tissue, to avoid scratching one another, especially with diamonds as it is the hardest stone. 

Cleaning your jewelry with a dry cloth is a way to keep it sparkling and remove dust elements. 

Mother-of-Pearls may be cleaned with a soft dry cloth. They are a naturally soft substance, and so scratches may appear on their surface with contact.

The House of Sabulosity works on customized and personalized designs to make your jewel all the more personal, as well as adapting our own designs.

As jewels hold an emotional value, we also recycle old jewelry pieces by revamping their design while preserving their essence. 

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Customizing & Recycling

Polishing and Cleaning

Over time, gold and stones may get slightly scratched. We provide the free service of polishing your Sabulosity jewelry, keeping in mind that in a jewel's lifetime it is advised not to polish more than 2-3 times. 

We offer a full cleaning service dependig on the type of jewelry. This usually involves a gentle cleansining bath. 


To ensure utmost comfort when wearing your rings, we take care of resizing it; this involves adding or removing metal to ensure appropriate fit. 

Some rings may not always be resized depending on their technical characteristics.

Our Care Service

Our Care Advice


Keeping your jewelry away from perfume, chemicals, and cosmetics is essential.

For perfume, cosmetics and cream it is best to wait until they are dry.

Avoid wearing your jewelry when performing certain activities that might expose them to harmful products or get knocked out. 

Avoid high temperatures as well as water, whether fresh, salty or chlorated.